gabriella (gabby_silang) wrote,

Dust is Gonna Settle - Iron Man fic (sort of)

Right, all, so this is that thing I've been going on and on about. DUE WARNING: this journal has adult content, and so does this story. It depicts a love affair between a 16-year-old girl and an ambiguously older man. If that offends you, don't read it.

Also, it's kinda about people for whom there's little to no canon. So, you know. I'm making this all up. If you happen to know that, in issue #blah, Tony mentions that his mom was a really nice lady who loved everyone including kittens, well, to be frank, I don't care. These are the Starks that live in my head.


title: Dust is Gonna Settle
fandom: Iron Man, ambiguous universe
rating: R, for sexual content between people of rather different ages
leaning: Maria/Howard Stark, very pre-movie, 1945
beta by the amazing: obsession_inc
ownership: is sort of Marvel's. but it's not like they're doing much with them.
summary: Her father still isn't home. Her mother is dead, but Maria has her scarlet red lipstick, and her dark, clever eyes. She's made herself a ham and cucumber sandwich; she lies on her bed and takes small bites upside-down, the fission book splayed open across her stomach. She considers the life of the spy Howard thinks she is.

Dust is Gonna SettleCollapse )


p.s. Massive thanks go out to the entire Hivemind, who helped me through these trying times and offered entirely whacked-out suggestions. Some of which I incorporated.
Tags: fic, iron man
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